Brighter Berkshires July yellow day.

Posted September 12, 2017

During July Brighter Berkshire took the initiative to raise awareness for Mental Health by setting up July yellow day. This day involved wearing yellow during one Friday of your choosing in July in order to raise awareness of Mental Health. Many individuals and organizations got involved, among these were Healthwatch West Berkshire.

We wanted to stand out, to that end we decided to create a video showing our support for Brighter Berkshire and Mental Health, as opposed to simply wearing yellow and taking a picture.

The video was uploaded to social media in July. You can also see it down bellow.


“Mental illness is a disease that affects so many people in our community, yet still people are afraid to speak out and many suffer in silence, often for years”

“Here in Berkshire we are taking a stand by raising awareness of the issue in the hope that people will speak out and get the help they so desperately need”

“Nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from severe depression.”

“Brighter Berkshire is an initiative which evolved through many connected conversations about the growing issues linked with mental health in Berkshire”

“It builds on the desire by many to do something proactive and allows absolutely anyone to get involved”