CQC Children and young people survey results

Posted November 29, 2017

The results of the CQCs second children and young people’s survey have been published. These results reveal what over 34,000 children and young people under the age of 16, as well as their parents and carers said about the hospital care that they received during November and December 2016.   These results show mostly feedback. 

Here are some interesting statistics and quotes, by clicking an image below, you can enlarge it.

cqc statistic cqc statistic cqc statistic cqc statistic
cqc quote cqc quote

More information on the survey and the results can be found by clicking the following links.

20171122 CYP survey press release FINAL

20171128 CQC CYP Stakeholder toolkit

Do you share the same positive sentiments as the majority of people who took part in this survey when it comes to your experience of hospital care? We’d love to hear your feedback.