Up to 1,500 junior doctors offered posts as registrars have had their job offers withdrawn, following a mistake in the recruitment process.

Posted May 7, 2018

Doctors say they have been left stressed and in limbo, and potentially out of pocket over plans to move home.

The Royal College of Physicians, which oversees recruitment, apologised for the “human error” and is working over the weekend to restart the process.

Doctors’ union, the British Medical Association, said it was “appalled“.

The junior doctors were alerted to the error just before 17:00 BST on Friday, at the start of the bank holiday weekend. Fellow doctors described juniors as being in tears.

Many were set to uproot their families to take up the job offers, selling homes, putting offers down on houses, moving children to new schools and partners resigning from jobs to find new ones.


Rupert Simpson was delighted to be offered a job in London – “I thought everything was perfect for us”


Rupert Simpson, 29, said he was in “total limbo” after the withdrawal of his job offer to work in cardiology in London.

I’m getting married next month, and my fiancée lives and works in London – it would be very difficult for us if I don’t receive another offer in London,” he said.

For years I’ve been moving from contract to contract as a junior doctor, so the idea of having a stable job for five years was amazing.”

“It’s hugely annoying and upsetting to have the carpet swept out from under us after someone made a spreadsheet error.”

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