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UK SMI TP test consultations – ends 20/4/2018

Public Health England are running a variety of consultations that close on 20th April 2018 at 5:00pm, these are:

If you click on any of these links above, you can find out more information about that consultation, as well as participate.

Specialised Services clinical commissioning policy: Bortezomib for Relapsed/ Refractory Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinaemia – ends 24/4/18

NHS England has launched a 60 day public consultation on a clinical commissioning policy proposition for Bortezomib for Relapsed/ Refractory Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinaemia.

To take part in this consultation and/or see more details, visit THIS website

Warm Home Discount Scheme 2018 to 2019 – ends 29/4/18

“This consultation proposes a number of changes to the Warm Home Discount Scheme for winter 2018 to 2019. Under these proposals the scheme would continue to provide direct energy bill rebate of £140 to over 2 million low income and vulnerable households.

We are also proposing issuing regulations which would cover the scheme until 2020 to 2021. This would not prevent a reform of the scheme eligibility in future years.

The consultation is aimed at all those with an interest in fuel poverty policies, especially those interested in the Warm Home Discount. In particular we’re seeking views from affected individuals, energy suppliers, fuel poverty and consumer organisations.”

Click HERE for more details, documents and/or if you want to participate.

Potential Framework Providers for the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme ends 30/4/18

“5 million people in England are at high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, with that number rising every year. Estimates suggest that the number of people with diabetes will rise to 4.2 million by 2030, affecting almost 9% of the population. Type 2 Diabetes is largely preventable. There are common, modifiable risk factors for developing Type 2 Diabetes – in particular sedentary behaviours/physical inactivity and obesity.

In 2016 NHS England in partnership with Public Health England (PHE) and Diabetes UK launched the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP): the first nation-wide Type 2 Diabetes prevention service.

The programme delivers behavioural interventions that are predominantly in-person and group based, providing personalised support and motivation to participants to achieve three core goals:

  • Achieve a healthy weight;
  • Achieve dietary recommendations
  • Achieve CMO physical activity recommendations.

The national service specification for the programme is based on best evidence following a 2015 evidence review undertaken by PHE.

Why We Are Consulting

In April 2016 a Framework of 4 national providers was put in place and a series of mini-competitions run with local health economies to call-off services across England.

From 2018 we expect to have a provider of services commissioned through the programme in place in every Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) in England.

NHS England is now consulting on proposals relating to the re-procurement of the NHS DPP Framework from November 2018 running for 3 years with the option to extend for a further year.

This survey is for Provider consultations. Please read the full accompanying document to this consultation before completing. It will also be helpful to have this document open whilst completing the survey.”

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Data-sharing MoU between NHS Digital and Home Office: call for evidence – ends 30/4/18

“Public Health England (PHE) is seeking evidence on the public health impact of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on data sharing between NHS Digital, the Home Office and the Department of Health, particularly on the healthcare-seeking behaviour and health outcomes of the migrant population.

Evidence can be:

  • peer-reviewed publications

  • narrative accounts

  • case studies

  • more formal analyses using qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods”

Click HERE for details and/or to participate.

Specialised Services: Recommendations for an NHS England algorithm to use disease-modifying drugs to treat multiple sclerosis – ends 5/5/18

NHS England has launched a 60 day public consultation on recommendations for an algorithm to use disease-modifying drugs to treat multiple sclerosis.

Click HERE to take part in this consultation.

European Week of Sport – ends 18/5/18

The European Week of Sport is a European Commission-led initiative, taking place all over Europe in September every year since 2015. Taking the form of an awareness raising campaign the Week promotes the multiple benefits of sport practice and physical activity and is inclusive for everyone, regardless of age, background, or fitness level.

This consultation will inform an external evaluation of the implementation of the European Week of Sport.

All citizens, public and private organisations are welcomed to contribute to this consultation.

Surveys on childcare and early years in England – ends 18/5/18

“We are seeking user perspectives on the childcare and early years survey of parents, which provides information on parents with children aged 0 to 14 in England. It covers parents’ and their children’s use of childcare and early years provision, and their views and experiences.

We are also seeking views on the survey of childcare and early years providers, which collects information on the main characteristics of childcare and early years providers in England.

We are consulting on the following aspects of each survey:

  • frequency
  • sampling
  • mode(s)
  • topic coverage
  • outputs and approaches to dissemination

Any changes to the surveys will be introduced from 2019 onwards.”

Visit THIS WEBPAGE to participate and share your views, or to learn more details.

The government is consulting on:

  • extending the right to have a personal health budget to specific groups of people

  • extending the right to have an integrated personal budget to specific groups of people

  • whether individuals would welcome the opportunity to incorporate additional funding streams into integrated personal budgets

Click HERE to participate and find more details.

Proposal to amend the Tribunal Procedure (First-Tier Tribunal) (Health, Education and Social Care Chamber) Rules 2008 – ends 14/6/18

“Seeking views on proposals to change the way that the First-Tier Tribunal operates in relation to mental health cases under the Mental Health Act 1983.

This consultation closes at

Consultation description

The Tribunal Procedure Committee (TPC) is interested to receive your views on proposals to change the way that the First-Tier Tribunal operates in relation to mental health cases under the Mental Health Act 1983, as dealt with in the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber (First-tier Tribunal).

Responses to the consultation will be considered by TPC.”

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Consultation on the UK Nutrient Profiling Model 2018 review – ends 15/6/18

“Public Health England (PHE) was asked by the Department of Health and Social Care to review the UK Nutrient Profiling Model to bring it in line with current UK dietary recommendations. The review included developing a modified Nutrient Profiling Model (draft 2018 NPM).

This consultation seeks your views on the modifications made to the UK Nutrient Profiling Model, specifically its alignment with current UK dietary recommendations.

Please read the introduction to the consultation document for more information about this consultation.

Respond with your comments on the 2018 review of the UK Nutrient Profiling Model consultation to

A summary of responses will be published following the conclusion of the consultation.”

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