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Autism Strategy Survey 2017 – ends 10/12/18

Help us put together a strategy to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)/Asperger’s syndrome

We’re putting together a strategy that sets out how we can help people with autism, aged 18 and over, get the services they need. We’d also like to help everyone learn more about autism.

If you’re living with autism, or are a parent or carer of someone with autism, we’d like to ask you about different aspects of your life including; school, finding a job, living arrangements and using local services, and the experiences you’ve had.

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Health and Wellbeing Team.

This survey is open between 11 September to 10 December 2017.

Modernising radiotherapy services in England – ends 18/12/17

“NHS England has launched an 8 week consultation on radiotherapy services. The consultation is seeking feedback on a new specification for adult radiotherapy services.

Radiotherapy is a core part of modern cancer treatment. It can cure cancers, can assist in alleviating symptoms and is cost effective. It is second only to surgery in its effectiveness in treating cancer and around 40% of patients who are cured receive radiotherapy as part of or the whole of their treatment.”

For more information about this consultation and to take part, please click HERE

The Regulation of Medical Associate Professions in the UK – ends 22/12/17

“All four UK health departments recognise the important contributions that can be made to the delivery of safe, accessible and high quality care for patients through the enhancement of existing roles and the introduction of new roles.

Four of these existing roles can be grouped under the heading of ‘Medical Associate Professions’ (MAPs). These are:

  • Physician Associate (PA)
  • Physicians’ Assistant (Anaesthesia) (PA(A))
  • Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP)
  • Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (ACCP)

As these professionals become more widely employed in the health service, it is necessary to explore the options for professional regulation.

This consultation seeks your views on the following proposals: 

  • To introduce statutory regulation for PAs
  • To seek further evidence on the most proportionate level of regulation for PA(A)s
  • To seek views on the position that statutory regulation of the SCP and ACCP roles is not proportionate, and whether alternative options for professional assurance should be considered.

The consultation also seeks initial views on prescribing responsibilities and on the most appropriate healthcare regulator should the four UK health departments decide to take forward statutory regulation for any or all of the MAP roles.”

For more information about this consultation and to take part and make your views know, please click HERE

Regulation of Nursing Associates in England – ends 26/12/17

The Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 is the NMC’s governing legislation that sets out its powers and duties. Amendments need to be made to the Nursing and Midwifery Order to provide the NMC with the necessary legal powers to effectively regulate the nursing associate profession.  It is intended that the key aspects and regulatory functions of the legislation will apply to the nursing associate profession in the same way as for nurses and midwives. In amending the legislation, the regulatory framework for nursing associates will be broadly similar to that of nurses and midwives, except where it is necessary to accommodate specific differences in the nursing associate profession.

If you have additional comments, or disagree with a policy position that was proposed,  this consultation will give you the opportunity to speak out about why you disagree with this policy proposal and provide alternative solutions which you may recommend.

For more information about this consultation and to take part, please click HERE


Orthodontic services in the South of England – ends 27/12/17

“Orthodontic treatment (usually with braces) is most often used to improve the appearance and alignment of crooked, protruding or crowded teeth, and to correct problems with the bite of the teeth. Please help us by completing this survey with your views on orthodontic services. All replies will be treated in confidence.

NHS England is responsible for commissioning orthodontic services. We will shortly be carrying out a procurement process to award some new contracts to deliver orthodontic services in the south of England and would like to hear your views about existing orthodontic services to inform this procurement.”

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NHS pension scheme: proposed changes to regulations 2018 – ends 29/12/17

“The Department of Health is consulting on proposals to change NHS pension scheme regulations.

Proposed changes include:

  • the removal of the need for a nomination form for unmarried or cohabiting partners to claim survivor pensions
  • ensuring access to the pension scheme for staff delivering services under new integrated care models
  • making technical changes to improve the operation of scheme regulations

The consultation document describes these changes and gives details on how to submit a response.

Regulations that put the pension scheme changes in place are subject to final agreement by health ministers and HM Treasury.”

For more details contact –

To take part in this consultation, click HERE

Draft West Berkshire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2018-21 – ends 31/12/17

“Contribute your views about what services you would like provided in your local pharmacies

The West Berkshire Health and Wellbeing Board published the PNA for West Berkshire in April 2015 and is required to publish a revised version by 31 March 2018.

The PNA looks at the health needs of the local population in West Berkshire, the current pharmacy network and public feedback on current services. The NHS uses the PNA to inform decisions on applications for new pharmacies and changes to existing ones. Local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups will also use the PNA to inform services they commission from local pharmacies.

We’d like your views on this draft report and the conclusions drawn from it. You can see the draft report and appendices below. Your responses will be kept anonymous.”

For more details or to participate in this consultation, please click HERE

Reporting and rating NHS trusts’ use of resources – ends 10/1/17

The effective use of resources is fundamental to enable health and care providers to deliver and sustain safe high-quality services for patients. Speak out on your views for reporting on and rating use of resources in NHS trusts.

The CQC have worked closely with NHS Improvement to develop, test and implement an approach to assessing, reporting on and rating how efficiently and effectively NHS trusts and foundation trusts are using their resources to provide services.

In December 2016, the CQC jointly consulted on a proposed methodology and assessment framework. The final approach is published alongside their joint response to that consultation. NHS Improvement has tested and refined this assessment approach and began assessing non-specialist acute trusts in October 2017.

What this consultation covers

The CQC are now asking for your views on proposals about:

  • the process to develop and award final ratings for use of resources and publish these on their website in published inspection reports
  • changes to their standard aggregation rules and limiters to determine the new combined rating at trust level, when combining the use of resources rating with existing five trust-level key question ratings
  • changing the principle in their current standard aggregation rules that determines the number of requires improvement ratings at trust level that would limit the combined trust-level rating to requires improvement.

This builds on their earlier consultation and the findings of the initial testing. It covers the final steps to fully implementing the process that CQC and NHS Improvement will use to assess, report on and rate trusts’ use of resources.


Read the consultation document HERE and tell the CQC what you think using their online form HERE.

This consultation closes at 5pm on Wednesday 10 January 2018.

Email: if you have any questions about this consultation

Regulatory fees for 2018/19 – ends 18/1/18

“Our proposals consider how we should calculate the fees that providers of health and adult social care must pay in order to be registered.

We must fulfil the government’s commitment to reduce grant-in-aid funding to public regulatory bodies and have now reached ‘full chargeable cost recovery’ for most providers we regulate. The exception is providers of community adult social care. For this sector, we set out proposals for the third year (of four) towards ‘full cost recovery’, as agreed following our previous consultation.

We’re seeking views on how we propose to review the structure of our fees scheme to ensure that fees are charged and distributed proportionately within each sector. Our proposals are based on what we have learnt and on changes to the health and care sectors and focus on these providers:

  • community social care

  • NHS GPs

  • urgent care

  • NHS trusts”

For more details about this consultation and to take part, please click HERE

Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation – ends 23/1/18

“The UK’s model of professional regulation for healthcare professionals has become complex and outdated. It needs to change to protect patients better, to support our health services and to help the workforce meet future challenges. Better and more responsive healthcare professional regulation is a shared ambition for both the regulators and all 4 UK governments.

This consultation seeks views on the reforms needed to help maximise public protection while supporting workforce development. The proposals aim to design a flexible model of professional regulation that secures public trust, fosters professionalism and improves clinical practice, while also being adaptable to future developments in healthcare. This consultation takes forward the Government’s commitment to legislate to reform and rationalise the current system of regulation of healthcare professions.

The responses to this consultation will allow the government to consider future options for the development of regulation of healthcare professionals in the UK.”

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