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Gender Identity Services for Adults – ends 30/9/17

NHS England has launched a 12 week consultation on specialised gender identity services for adults (17 and above). The consultation is open until 30 September 2017.

Through this consultation NHS England wants to hear peoples views on two proposed service specifications: one for how Gender Identity Clinics will deliver specialised outpatient services; and another for how surgical units will deliver surgical interventions. The service specifications have been developed taking into account the outcome of engagement with the trans community and clinical experts and describe new proposals for how specialised gender identity services will be delivered in the future.

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Guidance to ensure a safe and effective pharmacy team – ends 11/10/17

The General Pharmaceutical Council are ‘consulting on new guidance for pharmacy owners which outlines what they are expected to do to ensure everyone in the pharmacy team can provide safe and effective services to patients and the public.’

‘The proposed guidance for pharmacy owners covers both registered and unregistered staff, including managers who are not registered pharmacy professionals’.

‘We are seeking views on our proposals from members of the public, registered and unregistered members of the pharmacy team and pharmacy owners, as well as the organisations that represent these groups, to help inform our approach’

Please complete the survey below and contribute your views towards how pharmacies are run:

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Transformation of Health and Care in the Digital Single Market – ends 12/10/17

“The purpose of the consultation is to define the need and scope of policy measures that will promote digital innovation in improving people’s health, and address systemic challenges to healthcare systems. This must be aligned with legislation on the protection of personal data, patient rights and electronic identification.

The consultation seeks to collect information on:

  • Cross-border access and portability of personal health data

  • Sharing of resources (scientific research expertise, data capacity and advanced digital infrastructure) that will accelerate research and advance prevention, treatment and personalised medicine; initially in three areas

  • Measures to ensure widespread uptake of digital innovations, enabling more patient centered and integrated healthcare, and allowing for feedback and interaction between patients and healthcare providers.”

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Proposed changes to the statutory scheme to control the cost of branded health service medicines – ends 17/10/17

“Building on the consultation run in 2015, the Government is consulting further on proposals to amend the statutory scheme that controls the prices of branded health service medicines. The changes aim to align the cost savings to the NHS generated by the scheme more closely with those made by the current voluntary Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS), agreed in 2014. The statutory scheme covers those companies that decided not to join, or withdraw from, the 2014 PPRS, which is negotiated between the Government and the pharmaceutical industry.

The main proposals in the consultation are:

  • the introduction of a payment system similar to that in the 2014 PPRS;
  • making changes to the provisions on maximum prices, including removing the requirement for a 15% price cut; and
  • making changes to the information requirements placed on companies.

Draft regulations and a draft impact assessment have been published alongside this consultation.”

If you have any questions about this consultation, please contact

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Accountable Care Models Contract: Proposed changes to regulations – ends 5/11/17

“On 4 August 2017 NHSE published an updated draft of the NHS Standard Contract – NHS Standard Contract (Accountable Care Models) (ACO Contract) and support package. This contract is a variant of the generic NHS Standard Contract applicable for integrated service provision. NHSE will continue to work with leading commissioners to develop this contract further over the next year, with a view to consulting on a final version in 2018.

The development of the ACO contract has identified a number of required changes to regulation, predominantly to ensure that current rules continue to apply to the new contract, and those organisations using it, but also in some cases creating additional flexibilities, for example for GPs who wish to enter into ACO arrangements without terminating their existing contracts.

This consultation seeks views on the proposed changes.”

Contact – for more information.

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Proposal to expand the scope of performance assessments of providers regulated by the Care Quality Commission – ends 7/11/17

“The Department of Health proposes to amend the Care Quality Commission (Reviews and Performance Assessments) Regulations 2014 so that the Care Quality Commission has a duty to rate all providers of regulated activities, except for some specific registered service providers or regulated activities. 

This consultation is targeted at providers of health and social care services registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It seeks your views as to whether it is appropriate for the CQC to extend performance assessment and ratings to all the providers and activities that would be prescribed by this new approach.”

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“The Government is seeking views on draft requirements for the provision of information realted to the sales and purchases of health service products. The proposed Regulations contain a range of requirements on different actors in the supply chain for medicines, medical supplies and other related products that are used for the purposes of the NHS. The information provided would (i) facilitate the determination of remuneration/payment of community pharmacies and GP practices, (ii)  help ensure the availability and value-for-money of health service products and (iii) support the cost control provisions in the NHS Act 2006.

The main requirements include:

  • requirements on manufacturers, importers and wholesalers to provide quarterly information about sales and purchases of generic medicines and special medicinal products,
  • requirements on all actors in the supply chain (from manufacturer/ importer to pharmacy/others supplying patients) to record and keep information related to sales and purchases of health service medicine, medical supplies and other related products and provide it on request,
  • requirements on marketing authorisation holders/manufacturers/importers to notify the Government about any discontinuation and supply shortages of medicines and on all manufacturers, importers and wholesalers to provide volume information when supply shortages of medicines arise. 

Draft regulations and a draft impact assessment have been published alongside this consultation.”

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