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Decision to remove gluten free food on prescription by West Berkshire CCGs

West Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have made the decision to remove access to gluten free food on prescription. This guidance will come into effect as of 1 February 2018.

The CCGs have confirmed that GPs can use the individual funding request process to  continue to prescribe outside of these guidelines. Therefore, if you are concerned that this policy change is having an impact on your ability to manage your gluten free diet and your coeliac disease, you should see your GP for advice.

Have your say and respond to your local CCG’s decision to withdraw prescriptions:

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Regulatory fees for 2018/19 – ends 18/1/18

“Our proposals consider how we should calculate the fees that providers of health and adult social care must pay in order to be registered.

We must fulfil the government’s commitment to reduce grant-in-aid funding to public regulatory bodies and have now reached ‘full chargeable cost recovery’ for most providers we regulate. The exception is providers of community adult social care. For this sector, we set out proposals for the third year (of four) towards ‘full cost recovery’, as agreed following our previous consultation.

We’re seeking views on how we propose to review the structure of our fees scheme to ensure that fees are charged and distributed proportionately within each sector. Our proposals are based on what we have learnt and on changes to the health and care sectors and focus on these providers:

  • community social care

  • NHS GPs

  • urgent care

  • NHS trusts”

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Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation – ends 23/1/18

“The UK’s model of professional regulation for healthcare professionals has become complex and outdated. It needs to change to protect patients better, to support our health services and to help the workforce meet future challenges. Better and more responsive healthcare professional regulation is a shared ambition for both the regulators and all 4 UK governments.

This consultation seeks views on the reforms needed to help maximise public protection while supporting workforce development. The proposals aim to design a flexible model of professional regulation that secures public trust, fosters professionalism and improves clinical practice, while also being adaptable to future developments in healthcare. This consultation takes forward the Government’s commitment to legislate to reform and rationalise the current system of regulation of healthcare professions.

The responses to this consultation will allow the government to consider future options for the development of regulation of healthcare professionals in the UK.”

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Modernising radiotherapy services in England – ends 24/1/18

“NHS England has launched an 8 week consultation on radiotherapy services. The consultation is seeking feedback on a new specification for adult radiotherapy services.

Radiotherapy is a core part of modern cancer treatment. It can cure cancers, can assist in alleviating symptoms and is cost effective. It is second only to surgery in its effectiveness in treating cancer and around 40% of patients who are cured receive radiotherapy as part of or the whole of their treatment.”

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