Survey says tooth decay affects quarter of five-year-olds

Posted September 23, 2013

DA survey says more than a quarter of five-year-olds in England are affected by tooth decay.

This is from a survey by Public Health England.

Yet the total was down 3% compared to a survey in 2008.

The numbers where this is highest is in deprived areas.

A build-up of plaque on the teeth causes tooth decay. An inadequate diet and improper dental care also contribute, such as not brushing teeth properly and not visiting the dentist regularly.

Adult teeth could also be affected, where children have poor milk teeth.

On the other hand, there has been a rise of 3% of five-year-olds have no tooth decay compared to 2008. It is thought that increased fluoride in children’s toothpastes may have contributed to this.

Public Health England advises regular and proper brushing of teeth, with decay being preventable. A good diet and regular visits to dentists are also beneficial.

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