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Offers individual advice and help but also offers support to those closest to the individual with alcohol problems.

020 7251 5860
020 7251 5890

Provides information, local support groups and helplines for anyone affected by someone else’s substance use.

0845 388 3853
Al-Anon Family Groups

Provides support to anyone whose life is or has been affected by someone else’s drinking.

020 7403 0888

For teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics.

020 7403 0888

Information about AA meetings in the Thames Valley area, who to call or email for help if you think you might have a problem with alcohol and general information about Alchoholics Anonymous.

Local helpline – 0118 95 97 494 (manned day & evening) / National Helpline number – 0845 76 97 555 (manned 24 hours)

If someone you know has a drinking or drug problem, chances are you have been affected more than you realise. There is help and support available.

Drink Aware

It’s likely that what you do know about alcohol is based on what you’ve hear or experienced, but how much of that is fact and how much is myth?

We’ve worked with our panel of experts to produce a range of alcohol information and advice. So whether you want to know about the impact alcohol can have on your health or how it can affect your relationships and family, it’s all here.

020 7766 9900
020 7504 8217
Dry Out Now

Provides advice for the friends and family of those with alcohol problems.

0845 805 8270

A non profit resource providing expert help to resolve health challenges.

NHS Choices

Offers information, guides, treatments and support for dealing with alcohol problems.