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Boots Web MD

Provides information on all sorts of things including:

* Health A-Z
* Symptom checker
* Medicines and Treatment
* Women’s health
* Men’s health
* Children’s health


Provides information on:

* Health insurance
* Travel insurance
* Free health tools and advice

Dr Felix is a registered online doctor and pharmacy service fully regulated in the UK & supplies prescription medicine delivered to your doorstep.

Consultations are reviewed by real British doctors and the medicine is dispensed from a registered pharmacy in the UK.

All deliveries are sent out in discreet packaging (delivery within UK and EU).

01236 758420
Health Protection Agency

Provides information in protecting UK public health through the provision of support and advice to the NHS, local authorities, emergency services, other arms length bodies, the Department of Health and the devolved administrations. The website has helpful guidance on Infection Control and emergency situations.
020 7759 2700
Health Talk Online

The Health Experience Research Group has created a unique database of personal and patient experiences through in-depth qualitative research into over 50 different illnesses and health conditions.

Studies have focused not only on the patients perspective but also on the impact of an illness on those around them. Studies focusing on, for example, carers of people with dementia and parents of children with congenital heart disease are able to provide a significant resource to users in understanding and dealing with illness in the family and/or other closely-knit groups.

NHS Choices

Find a local GP, hospital, dentist, or an urgent service. You can also find information on many health related matters including:

* Conditions and treatment
* Healthy Living
* Carers Direct
* Online Communities (support groups)
* Health News
NHS Choose and Book

A service that lets you choose your hosital or clinic and book your first appointment. When you and your GP agree that you need an appointment, you can choose which hospital or clinic to go to. You will also be able to choose the date and time of your appointment.


PALS provides informal, confidential friendly information and advice service on all matters pertaining to local NHS services in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire.

Provides information on:

* Well-being
* Health information
* Medicines
* Symptom checker

The Cot Death Society

The provision of Infant Respiration Monitors for parents in the community who have a baby deemed as being at risk from Cot Death.

01635 38137