NHS England surveys seeks views of disabled people

Posted December 5, 2013

nhs englandNHS England are seeking to provide information for disabled patients, service users and carers in formats they can understand.

The organisation have commenced a programme of work to develop and implement an Information Standard for accessible information. An Information Standard is a framework of requirements and recommendations which NHS and adult social care organisations must follow.

The Information Standard (once implemented) will mean that disabled patients, service users and, where appropriate, carers, receive information in formats that they can understand, and that they receive appropriate support to enable them to communicate, which may include advocacy.

NHS England are particularly keen to understand the views of people from the communities who are likely to be most affected by this project. This includes people who are deaf or have some hearing loss, blind or have some visual loss, people who are deafblind, and / or people with a learning disability, as well as from carers. The views of individuals and groups working with people from these communities, and from others who will be affected by or required to implement the standard, will also be particularly valuable.

The organisation is also keen to hear about the challenges people with sensory impairment(s) and / or learning disabilities face when they try to communicate with health and care organisations.

NHS England have developed three online surveys aimed at seeking views from health and social care professionals and organisations, service users, and from patient groups including local healthwatch organisations.

Further details including links to the surveys are available by visiting: www.england.nhs.uk/accessibleinfo

The service user survey is available in a range of different formats. Please take the time to complete the survey which is most relevant to you or your organisation.

The deadline for responses is 21 February 2014.

For any further details or enquiries, including requests for information in alternative formats, please contact: england.nhs.participation@nhs.net