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Social Care general information

Facilities suitable for older people but no carers on site. Meals, coffee,trips and holidays organised.

01635 40488

Who qualifies for services?
If you contact us, and need our support, we will offer you a social care assessment to assess your needs. The purpose of an assessment is to understand your circumstances and see which of your needs are most important and what risk you are at if you do not get any help with these.

However, our resources are limited and we are only able to provide a service to people with the highest levels of needs.

Critical need
West Berkshire Council can only give you support if you have a ‘critical’ need. If you do not have a critical need we will provide information, advice and signpost you to other services and support groups that may be able to help. Things that show us you have a critical risk/need

01635 503 050
Independent Age

Advice and information on care and support for older people, their families and carers. Free confidential phone line open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm.

0800 319 6789

Provides free functions to support older people.

0800 328 8888