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Homeless and Rough Sleepers Report
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Homeless and rough sleeper numbers in West Berkshire are growing at an unprecedented rate.  Today, Health Watch West Berkshire (HWWB) is launching its Homeless And Rough Sleepers Report 2018, which highlights the challenges and experiences of this marginalised group within our community.  At a time when homeless and rough sleeper issues have hit the headlines locally and nationally, with temperatures plummeting nationally and deaths being recorded, including one just metres away from the our seat of government at the Houses of Parliament, the Report recommends everyone (statutory services and volunteer groups, businesses and individuals) work together to end homelessness in West Berkshire and support each other to ensure the treatment of some of the most vulnerable in our community is not effectively taking us back in time, as the difference in a homeless person’s life expectancy (of 47 years old for men and 43 years old for women) suggests it is.


HWWB undertook a survey of rough sleepers in November 2017, in order to investigate their experiences of health and social care services in our community, following the organisation’s receipt of a range of feedback from a number of individuals.

“Our report highlights the remarkable dedication of voluntary groups locally, that have worked to make a difference to this vulnerable group within our community,”

commented Andrew Sharp, Chief Officer of HealthWatch West Berks.  

“HWWB’s role is to provide a voice to everyone, including those who are often not heard.  Within this report we’ve made a range of recommendations, which we hope will improve the lives of those who rough sleep.  I believe that if we are serious about transforming and often saving the lives of those on the streets, we all need to work together better.”

Below you’ll find press coverage and other interesting news that are either linked to this activity, or has directly came about as a result of this activity. By clicking an image, you can enlarge it to see more details.

  • 6th February 2020 – Extra Funding to reduce rough sleeping via newbury today

  • 17th October 2019 – Great work on rough sleeping via  newbury today

  • 1st October 2019 – We have Won the Improving Health and Social Care award.

We are delighted to have won the “Improving Health and Social Care” award at the Healthwatch England conference on 1st October thanks to our work tackling Rough Sleeping in West Berkshire. We have been in the Newbury Weekly News and That’s Thames Valley TV following our success.

Healthwatch Hailed as Best in UK via newbury today

Healthwatch West Berkshire Win A National Award via 

  • 29th August 2019 – Healthwatch West Berkshire nominated for Healthwatch England national award.

We are proud to have been nominated for a Healthwatch England “Improving Health and Social Care” national award, thanks to our work tackling Rough Sleeping in West Berkshire. Coverage can be found in the August 29th 2019 edition of the Newbury Weekly News, you can view the scan below. Alternatively you can learn more by clicking HERE 

Healthwatch England West Berkshire award homeless rough sleeping

  • 23rd August 2019 – Call to end Rough Sleeping in West Berkshire by 2020
End rough sleeping west berkshire 2020

  • 15th August 2019 – Call for a final push to end Rough Sleeping by 2020 via newbury today
Push end rough sleeping 2020

  • 11th February 2019 – Our Chief Officer Andrew Sharp talks about our Rough Sleepers Card on

  • 7th February 2019 “Fall in the number of people sleeping Rough” and “Card will help provide Health Care” via newbury today
 Card will help provide care westberkshire homeless card

  • 18th January 2019 “New Night Shelter to open for homeless” via

  • 10th January 2019 – Our Homeless and Rough Sleepers report was mentioned in newbury today

“Healthwatch West Berkshire’s Homeless and Rough Sleepers report 2018, published in February last year, found that there had been an “unprecedented rise” in the number of people sleeping rough in the district. It said that the official figures which predicted that there were around 20 people sleeping rough in West Berkshire were a ‘major underestimation'”

  • December 2018 – We have launched our Homeless Card, giving homeless people and rough sleepers the right to register and receive treatment without being refused. We’ve also been distributing these cards at locations such as Loose Ends.

  • October 2018 “Search for 6 Beds for Rough Sleepers” via newbury today

  • 16th August Government funding for homeless is “not enough” via newbury today

  • 13th August Listen to our Chief Officer discuss the Government new Homeless Strategy via

  • 14th June £200k grant for homeless support via newbury today
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  • 4th June Ending Homelessness and Rough Sleeping by 2020 via

  • 1st June “ITV Homeless and Rough Sleeping Coverage”

  • 29th May “Call to end rough sleeping in West Berkshire by 2020” via newbury todaywebsite

  • 24th May “Call to end rough sleeping by 2020” from newbury today

  • 15th May letter – “Access to Healthcare for people experiencing homelessness”

  • 9th March homeless and rough sleepers interview via  (audio only)

  • 9th March homeless and rough sleepers coverage via 

  • 2nd March “Homeless left out in the cold” via

  • 2nd March Homeless and Rough Sleepers coverage via ITV

  • 1st March “Full plight of town’s homeless is revealed” via newbury today