20 hospitals in England due to receive an extra £850m funding for upgrades to outdated facilities and new equipment have been revealed

Posted August 5, 2019

Boris Johnson has given the green light to 20 new building and infrastructure projects in the NHS in England.

The £850m package will pay for new wards, intensive care units and diagnostic centres as well as refurbishing some existing facilities over the next five years.

None of these Hospitals are in WestBerkshire however.

It’s part of a programme that the NHS asked for, and I want to stress this is new money,” the prime minister said.

But doubts have been raised over whether the money really is new.

Mr Johnson also said there would be an extra £1bn this year to improve and maintain existing buildings.

The government had already committed to £6.7bn being spent on building and infrastructure, including IT, during 2019-20.

But despite repeated requests Number 10 has been unable to confirm whether that total figure will rise.

Mr Johnson said the new money – less than 1% of the annual NHS budget – would mean “more beds, new wards, and extra life-saving equipment“.

It’s time to face up to this challenge and make sure the NHS receives the funds it needs, to continue being the best healthcare service in the world,” he said.

Mr Johnson previously said he was “determined to deliver” on the promises of the 2016 EU referendum, after criticism of the Vote Leave campaign’s claim that £350m a week was sent to the EU and could be spent on the NHS instead.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the NHS was “priority number one” for the new prime minister.

He said money for hospital upgrades was possible because the economy was growing and the funds would be available this year.

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