Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Posted October 1, 2020


“Our hospital is currently extremely busy, with more people attending our ED and Urgent Treatment Centre. We know that patients want to be treated as quickly as possible but we would urge you to seek advice on to determine the most appropriate place for your healthcare needs first. This can often get you treated more quickly than you would be turning up at A&E.”

🌐 Visit for self-care advice and guidance on how you can manage your condition.

👨‍⚕️ If you have a minor health concern, contact your local pharmacy.

📲 If you are very concerned about your condition and you are unsure what to do, call 111 to be directed to the most appropriate service. 111 can also get you a timed arrival slot at our Urgent Treatment Centre so you can stay at home until then.

⚠️ If you have a very serious or life threatening condition, please continue to call 999. We will continue to treat all patients needing urgent or emergency care.

12/02/2021 – Great Western Hospital has partnered with Dr Doctor to offer patients the option to access their appointment information online

If you have received a text or email notification for your upcoming appointment, please log in to the Patient Portal HERE to access your appointment information online.

The online portal allows you to:
•    View and download appointment letters
•    View the location of your appointment
•    View important clinical information
•    Add your appointment to your personal calendar
•    Request to cancel or reschedule your appointment
•    Receive appointment reminders
•    Have video consultations with your care team

If you have any questions, please see the Frequently asked questions page on the Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust website.

16/12/2020 – About Christmas and New Year Period