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Posted April 14, 2021

If you are a young person and would like to volunteer for us please click HERE or the image below.

18th February 2020 – Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome Video by Sulasha

We have published a video which Sulasha created, which highlights details and information about Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) We thanks Sulasha very much for creating this excellent video.

You can watch the video below.

18th May 2019 – Social Media volunteer Megan Willis

Megan was on a work placement with us during her time at Newbury College and later decided to start volunteering for us.  Read more by clicking the image below.

17th January 2019 – Teenage Cancer Poster by Chloe

Teenage Cancer
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Chloe created a lovely poster about teenage cancer while she was doing her work placement for us, which highlights some of the things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of cancer being fatal. The poster draws attention to warning signs that could indicate cancer and goes over the importance of “knowing your body” We published this poster on social media following a story about teenage cancer that appeared on BBC News

Thanks Chloe

13th June 2018 –  Diabetes poster by Heather

Heather created a brilliant poster while doing her work placement with us, which highlighted local diabetes support groups, while providing additional details about diabetes.

For #DiabetesWeek, this poster was published on social media.

We thank Heather for her hard work.

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22nd December 2017 – Press Coverage about antibiotics

We’ve had some new press coverage from

We’re delighted to see that a Newbury College student who had been helping us during her work placement has received press coverage for the excellent work that she did whilst with us.

3rd November 2017 – Newbury College Student placements

Healthwatch WestBerkshire would like to welcome 2 Newbury college students Sulasha and Heather to the team, they will be joining us for a 6 week work placement.

Newbury College placements

We hope they enjoy their stay with us and look forward to see what they achieve.

October 18th 2017 – Antibiotic D.A.T.E.S campaign


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With end of British Summer time and inclement weather fast approaching, Healthwatch West Berkshire is echoing the recent comments of Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officers, with its The eye-catching ‘Antibiotics – think D.A.T.E.S.’ poster campaign, which aims to reduce the number of anti-biotics prescribed and taken, ensuring resistance to drugs is not increased.

Professor Dame Sally Davies recently commented that the world is facing a ‘post-antibiotic apocalypse’ as ‘resistance to antimicrobial drugs’ increases with the unnecessary use of anti-biotics (1). In her recent comments she explained that she is ‘really worried’ by the increase in use of anti-biotics that is dramatically decreasing the effectiveness of the drugs to counteract infections during ‘common medical procedures’ (2). Healthwatch West Berks, will be using a poster designed by Sybelle  of Newbury College to reinforce this message in the local community in an attempt to reduce over prescription and mis-use of anti-biotic stock.

“We asked our intern, Sybelle, to design an informative, educational poster to spread the Department of Health’s anti-biotics messaging to reduce anti-biotic prescribing and intake within our local audiences,” said Andrew Sharp of Healthwatch West Berks, “We believe the poster communicates the message in an innovative and interesting way, that we hope will make a difference within our community.”

The poster, designed to appeal to both health care professionals and members of public, uses the acronym D-A.T.E.S. that is short, specific and relates to the use of medication. “My aim was to create an innovative poster for Healthwatch West Berks that can be used as an educational tool,” commented Newbury College Student, Sybelle. “Most people don’t know the danger of taking anti-biotics incorrectly – so, I hope to get the public to think D.A.T.E.S, and know that they need to take action now to stop the spread of anti-biotic resistance”.

Healthwatch West Berks hopes everyone in the local area will start to remember D.A.T.E.S. when thinking of anti-biotics, a simple and clear message that communicates the national campaign idea of reducing public demand and intake of anti-biotics, helping in the fight against anti-biotic resistance.



For Further information please contact: Andrew Sharp, Chief Officer Healthwatch West Berkshire

email: Tel: 01635 760 506

April 10th 2017 – Newbury College Students placements with Healthwatch West Berkshire

We have been working with some Health & Social Care Newbury College Students on placement with us and they have produced some amazing work which will be published on our website and social media soon. The first round of students, Sybelle & Heather, produced a poster regarding antibiotics and a video regarding mental health issues, respectively. Heathers video can be seen below.

We are just working with another three students, Chloe,  Sybelle & Charlotte and more details of their work will follow. We are extremely grateful for all their hard work and to Newbury College.