West Berkshire Cancer

Posted July 23, 2021

23/07/2021 – Help improve quality of life for people living with cancer

NHS England and Public Health England are running a Cancer Quality Of Life survey for people in England who have been diagnosed with cancer. 

The aim of the survey is to find out how quality of life may have changed for people diagnosed with cancer. They want to see where care is working well or not so well, and if any new services are needed.

To do this, they are asking how people who have experienced cancer are feeling and comparing their answers with information about their cancer diagnosis and treatment. This will help the NHS improve the way they support people living with and beyond cancer.

To find out more, please click here or the image above. You can also watch the video below which highlights why this survey is important.

01/02/21 – New Patient Participation Group

Thames Valley Cancer Alliance are looking for people across Thames Valley who want to get involved and improve cancer services.

See the image above for the details.