Welcome to Healthwatch West Berkshire, your local consumer champion for health and social care services.HWD-Web-image-1

We are listening to your views to help shape local health and social care services. Healthwatch West Berkshire’s role is to gather views, listen, report and take your voice to those who commission and deliver services.

We aren’t healthcare professionals, we are consumer champions and users of health and social care services like you. We are committed members of the community who have the authority to make your views heard and campaign for change.

Everyone has the right to great care, let’s make that a reality.

What Makes us different?

Healthwatch West Berkshire has a seat on the Health and Wellbeing Board so can take your voice and information straight to the table of those who commission services. We work closely with Healthwatch England, NHS England and the CQC to raise issues, comments and any knowledge that is gathered that could improve health or social care services in West Berkshire. We also attend the Thamesvalley Quality Surveillance Group meetings, Social Care Quality Hub meetings and have representatives on various Forums across West Berkshire.

Our Healthwatch Champion board currently have representatives of various groups across West Berkshire which include Mental Health, Disability, Patient Panel, Neurological and Older people.  The Champion Board is in place to gather, interpret and distribute information locally.

By working closely with you, where you are, we can help shape future health and social care services.

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How does Healthwatch work?

Healthwatch West Berkshire monitors and gathers people’s experience of quality of care, through feedback and information gathering in regards to any aspect of their health and social care. This is information is then taken to providers and commissioners of services.

Our approach to establishing an effective local Healthwatch in West Berkshire is to join up and partner with local voluntary organisations, Health and Social Care organisations, with local councillors and health commissioning groups. Healthwatch brings together the voices of many groups and organisations and by speaking together be more powerful.


What does Healthwatch achieve?

Everything that local Healthwatch does will bring the voice and influence of local people to the development and delivery of local services. A coordinated and unified voice is a stronger voice for children, young people and adults who use and need to use services.

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