Meet the Board


Mike Fereday, Local Representative & Chair

We welcome Mike Fereday to our Board with effect from December 2016.  He has been a resident of the Parish of Cold Ash for 38 years and has an extensive working background as a forensic scientist.  He joins the Board of Healthwatch West Berkshire Berkshire to use the skills developed in his professional life to assist its vision for people in the locality of West Berkshire.  He is generally interested in the future workings of local healthcare and is involved, from a patient perspective, in the current “Connected Care” project and regularly attends public meetings of the Clinical Commissioning Group.

He believes it is important that the general public not only have a say, but can actually influence, for the better, the direction that healthcare and social care provision take. From a local perspective, the challenge for Healthwatch West Berkshire is to collect, collate and direct these views to relevant stakeholders in the hope of providing services that more directly reflect the needs of local people.

Andrew Sharp, Healthwatch West Berkshire Representative –

Healthwatch West Berkshire Chief Officer



Martha Vickers, Local Representative
Martha has lived in Newbury for 24 years. She has recently retired after working as a health visitor in the area for most of this time. She has served the area as a local councillor and was Newbury Town Mayor in 1997. In her role as a health visitor she worked with the victims and perpetrators of Domestic Abuse, having witnessed the effects on young children of Domestic Abuse.

Amanda Cunnington



Paul Wilson



Lesley Wyman

“I have a professional background in nursing, teaching, health promotion and public health.
I have a BSc in Nursing from the USA and worked as a nurse for 6 years. I also have a Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education and taught nursing at pre and post registration levels.
“I have worked in the field of Public Health since 1992, working in local and national positions in the public sector. Having gained an MSc in Applied Social Science I became a Consultant in Public Health for West Berkshire Local Authority. I retired from this position in 2017.
Throughout my PH career I have always done my utmost to tackle inequalities in health and ensure that local residents are enabled to lead healthy and productive lives.”

Karen Swaffield

Karen’s professional background is Education (teaching, training, development and consultancy).  She was also a trustee of an independent advocacy service and a local authority Governor and Chair of governors.

Since retiring Karen has become very involved with things NHS and social care, about which she is passionate. She sits on a variety of groups as a lay contributor including Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Appraisal Forum and Revalidation team.

Other roles include being a member of her Medical Centre Patient Group, the local area patient group, the Thames Valley and Milton Keynes Patient Experience Oversight Group, the local the Public Engagement subgroup of the Health and Wellbeing Board and the local Suicide Prevention group as well as contributing as a lay contributor on various research trials.  Karen is a lay associate to the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and sits on the Oxford AHSN Learning Disability Advisory group.  She is also involved locally with the homeless night shelter and sits on the Homeless Strategy group.  Karren had completed the AHSN Learning Together course in 2016.

Karen is committed to equality of access to health and social care and that the citizen voice is heard across groups which represent and take decisions about/for them.

Dr Adrian Barker

We’re delighted that Dr Adrian Barker will be strengthening our board with his knowledge and experience.  Dr Adrian Barker is an ex lay member of the CCG.

Julie N Sigurdardottir

I am very sensitive to the issues which surround health and specifically inequalities in offering and accessing health care but also in health outcomes across population demographics. Through my research and interests,  I have mostly been focusing on the impact of maternal health in pregnancy on psychological outcomes of the offspring but this had led me to uncover nuances in how mothers fair in pregnancy according to their mental health and ethnic background. Although my background is neuroscience my research has involved studying and communicating with underrepresented communities and the wider antenatal clinical pathway, primarily at St Thomas’ hospital in London.

It would be equally rewarding for me to learn about the role of Healthwatch West Berkshire and contribute in the effort needed to promote better results for people of all background and I think I can provide certain insights to the topics which are currently being discussed under governmental directives.