Accessible Information

From 31st July 2016 all organisations who provide NHS or publicly-funded adult social care services have to follow the new Accessible Information Standard (AIS). This page will explain what you can expect from these services and how we will work with you to make our own information accessible.


The Accessible Information Standard tells organisations how they should work to understand all patients’ communication needs. It is about making sure they give the right support to people so they can understand any information they are given. This includes providing accessible formats like large print, braille and easy read, and making sure information is sent in the best way for that person for example by letter or email.



There are 5 parts to what organisations must do:

  1. Identify: Ask people if they have communication needs, and find out how to meet these needs
  1. Record: Record needs clearly and consistently so all staff know how to meet them
  1. Flag: Highlight a person’s file or notes so staff can see easily what communication needs must be met
  1. Share: Share information about people’s communication needs with other providers, as long as the person gives consent
  1. Meet: Put these steps into action to make sure people get information in a way they can understand, and receive support for this if they need it.



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Easy Read Reports

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