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a nurse in aged care for the elderly in nursing homesPlease check here for current or live consultations running in West Berkshire. By getting involved you are helping shape future health and social care services, making your voice count.

If you are running a consultation or survey / project in West Berkshire and would like us to help you spread the word, please get in touch and we can help publish your consultation on our site. Or if we can help you run a consultation then also talk to one of our team.

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Nice guideline on shared decision making – Expires 09/02/21

This guideline covers how to make shared decision making part of everyday care in all healthcare settings. It promotes ways for healthcare professionals and people using services to work together to make decisions about treatment and care. It includes recommendations on training, communicating risks, benefits and consequences, using decision aids, and how to embed shared decision making in organisational culture and practices.

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Clinical Review of Standards Consultation – Expires 12/02/21

The NHS National Medical Director was asked in June 2018 to review access standards to ensure that they measure what matters most both to patients and clinically.

“The recommendations from the Clinically-led Review of NHS Access Standards for urgent and emergency care are set out in the Transformation of Urgent & Emergency Care: Models of care and measurement report.  These proposals are supported by key clinical groups including the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, patient groups and hospital leaders.  NHS England & NHS Improvement are now consulting on the approach recommended as well as on the refinement of individual measures.”The NHS National Medical Director was asked in June 2018 to review access standards to ensure that they measure what matters most both to patients and clinically.

“We are seeking views on the recommendations made within the report from anyone with an interest including patients, their representatives, members of the public and NHS staff and organisations, which will provide valuable further insight and evidence to inform final recommendations, implementation and operational guidance.

“The consultation closes at midnight on Friday 12 February 2021.

“When completing the questionnaire, you will be asked to state if you are responding as or on behalf of a patient/member of the public or as a provider/organisation.  Questions within the consultation have been designed to capture views from a wide range of stakeholders including patients/public members, clinicians, healthcare managers and public and private organisations.  You are not required to answer every question for your views to be included.”

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Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy for Berkshire West – Expires 28/02/21

The Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Berkshire West: Reading, West Berkshire & Wokingham

What is the Joint Health and wellbeing strategy?
A Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets out where professionals across health and social care will work together to improve the health of the population.

This year, for the first time, the Health and Wellbeing Boards in Reading, West Berkshire and Wokingham have joined together to produce a new 10-year plan to improve the health and wellbeing of people who live across Berkshire West.

Why is this strategy important?
The new strategy will be the focus for health and social care working in partnership across all three areas to improve your health and wellbeing. It is a declaration of where we all think it is important to work together to make a difference, and so will affect decisions about where money is spent and where resources are put over the next 10 years.

How can I make a difference?
Berkshire West CCG have spoken with professionals and looked at data to see what areas they think are important to include. Through this, they have created a list of 11 possible priorities but now need your help to decide which of these should be included in the final strategy.

All 11 of these areas are important, but Berkshire West CCG think it is essential to focus on a smaller number and so make sure we can do them right, making a real difference to people’s lives. We want to understand what is important to you and where you want us to focus our time, energy, resources and commitment.

What can I do?

You can have your say by answering an online survey.

Click here or the image below to access the survey

The survey is open until 5pm on 28th Feb 2021.

If you would like the survey in a different or more accessible format or have any queries, please

How did we get to this point?

Take a look at our journey here or by clicking the interactive roadmap image below.

If you would like to find out more about each of the potential priorities, take a look here.

Healthwatch West Berkshire Dentist Survey – Expires Late February

We want to hear about your experience of finding dental treatment during COVID-19. Were you able to see a dentist? Was it hard to find one? What was your experience like?

Please contact Healthwatch West Berkshire if you need the survey in another format.

This survey is anonymous, by completing this survey you give Healthwatch West Berkshire permission to use your comments.

Link to survey

CQC strategy consultation for public stakeholders – Expires 04/03/21

“As part of our work to develop a new strategy at CQC we need to hold a formal consultation with members of the public. The formal consultation is an opportunity for you to let us know what you think, and help us to learn whether the changes we are proposing are in the public interest.

“The strategy is a product of our engagement. It presents emerging themes which have been developed through listening to comments and suggestions already shared by members of the public.

“It is built on four central and interdependent themes that determine the changes we want to make to how we regulate. Running throughout each theme is an ambition to improve people’s care by looking at health and care systems, and how they’re working together to reduce inequalities.

“We want to hear what you think about our new strategy to ensure the way CQC works is informed by people who are using services.

“Please click this link to read about our strategy –

“Please click this link to share your views in our online survey – Our new strategy for 2021 and beyond (

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Building Berkshire Together – your views on a new hospital

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust now need your views and your ideas.

There is an opportunity to develop a masterplan, or blueprint, for an amazing hospital, designed and organised from the ground up. An opportunity to create a great hospital for local people, delivering great care and treatment, and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust want their staff, patients, partners and local communities to help design it. They want this new hospital to be built with the real needs of patients and staff firmly in mind. They want their expertise, experience, and ambition to flow through the design of their new hospital.

Royal Berkshire believe their new hospital will be better if they are Building Berkshire Together.

Please take a little time to explore this engagement website and then tell them what you think by completing the survey.

Father Institute Covid Maternity Survey

The Fatherhood Institute have launched a survey focusing on maternity and Covid-19. Have you become a Dad or Mum during lockdown? Are you a midwife or health visitor? If so please share your experiences of maternity services in this survey.

You can participate by clicking here or on the image above.