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Adult Dyslexia Centre
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Offer full assessments for adults and children, advice and awareness training.

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Being Dyslexic

A support website for anyone with Dyslexia, or anyone interested in Dyslexia providing information, inspiration, advice and support.

British Dyslexia Association

British Dyslexia Association supports people with dyslexia.

01635 298864

Dore’s dyslexia programme can help people overcome their dyslexic symptoms by tackling the root cause of their difficulties – by improving the efficiency of the cerebellum. Through a Programme of personalised activities, created specifically to exercise the brain’s important skill centre, Dore liberates the ability to learn, opening up a whole new world of opportunities and transforming lives.
0333 123 0100
Dyslexia Action

Dyslexia Action is the UK’s leading provider of services and support for people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties.

Dyslexia Correction
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Helping children and adults to overcome learning difficulties, social difficulties and personal issues.

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The DRT exists wholly to provide clinical services to children and adults with dyslexia and related conditions in order to support scientific research into the nature and causes of these conditions.

0118 958 5950

Launched in September 2008, dysTalk is an information-sharing social enterprise devised by Will Orr-Ewing and Josh Pull. Our five-word mantra for the project is “helping your child learn better.” It’s for parents of children who are looking for information on how to optimise their child’s learning. dysTalk provides information on specific learning difficulties that may be undermining a child’s performance as well as learning strategies that can potentially be applied to all children of all abilities.


A registered charity which aims to provide information and support to dyslexic children and adults, their families, teachers and other interested professionals and anyone interested in dyslexia.

Young Minds

Are you worried that your child may have dyslexia or dyspraxia? Do you need to know what to do next? Young Minds is here to help and support you.

0808 802 5544