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Healthwatch West Berks Annual Report 2023-2024

The Value of Listening

The value of listening to the residents of West Berkshire was our theme this year. Being out in the community and listening to your experiences has been our priority.

This last year for Healthwatch West Berkshire was challenging, but we are proud of what we have been able to achieve, and we are pleased to share our report with you.

"Over the last year, local Healthwatch have shown what happens when people speak up about their care, and services listen. They are helping the NHS unlock the power of people's views and experiences, especially those facing the most serious health inequalities." 

Louise Ansari, Chief Executive at Healthwatch England

If you have any queries regarding our report, please do get in touch with our team.

Call: 01635 886210

Use our online 'Have Your Say' form HERE

Healthwatch West Berks Annual Report Final 2023-2024
Download PDF • 2.79MB

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