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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services survey feedback report

In February 2021, we undertook an online survey exploring the views and perceptions of the parents/guardians/carers of children who were currently using the local CAMHS.

The survey was a follow-up to a focus group run by Healthwatch in July 2019. Due to Covid-19 the survey was available online only and shared through our website and social media channels.

This preliminary report explores the responses and presents some early recommendations for the way forward.

It is evident from the 128 respondents who took part in this survey, that changes are urgently needed, however, the recommendations are by no means exhaustive at this stage and involve far more than just the CAMHS service. Only an integrated approach will succeed in improving outcomes for the burgeoning numbers of post-pandemic young people with Mental Health and other emotional issues.

To view all the findings and to read our recommendations, click on the report below.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Feb 2021
Download PDF • 556KB

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