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Do you need a Digital Detox?

Did you know that using technology can create stress? Give yourself a digital detox, and enjoy some time away from the tech. Use the Digital Detox chart from Stress .Org.UK below to see how much tech use you have in your life, and see if you can reduce it, and try some of the following tips too.

  • Take a walk, getting some fresh air, and being out and about can help, take deep breaths and walk at a pace that's comfortable for you.

  • Listen to some music. Music has a way of bringing emotions to the front, so if listening to soothing classical or heavy rock or anything in between soothes you, then switch it on!

  • Breathing techniques. Deep, slow and even breathing can reduce a racing pulse, soothe a headache and help calm anxiety. Look for some techniques that are suitable for you.

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