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Learning Disability Week: "Do You See Me?" in Collaboration with The Big Issue

Learning Disability Week, celebrated annually in the UK, is an event dedicated to raising awareness about learning disabilities, advocating for the rights of those affected, and promoting their inclusion in society.

This year, the theme is "Do You See Me?" which aims to highlight the importance of seeing and valuing individuals with learning disabilities for who they are, beyond their disabilities.

Mencap, a leading charity supporting people with learning disabilities, has partnered with The Big Issue magazine for this year's Learning Disability Week to bring greater visibility to the challenges faced by people with learning disabilities and celebrate their achievements and contributions. Inside the Big Issue: Learning Disability Week special edition - Big Issue

The theme "Do You See Me?" focuses on the need for societal recognition and respect for individuals with learning disabilities. It encourages everyone to look beyond the disability and appreciate the person, their abilities, and their potential.

As Mencap highlights:

"People with a learning disability can achieve great things – but it is crucial that we see the person, not just the disability."

To find out more about what is available for families in our area contact West Berkshire Mencap

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