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Community Larders- Are For Everyone!

Community larders are often mistaken for food banks, but they are quite different. A

community larder is like a pop-up hub where you can access surplus food, make friends, tap into additional services, and save money on your groceries.

Each community larder is unique, but they all share a common mission: reducing food waste, creating opportunities, and engaging with communities. They are designed to be a hub, where you can stop and chat, catch up with friends, and connect with new people.

How to Access Food from Your Local SOFEA Community Larder

Become a Member

To access food and all the other support available at a SOFEA community larder, you need to become a member. It's simple and straightforward.

Membership Costs

Joining Fee: A one-time fee of £10.

Weekly Subscription: From £3.50 per week.

Food Collection

Weekly Allowance: Each week, you can pick up to 14 items of food from our shelves. The value of the food you collect averages £12–£15, so you always know you're getting a great deal.


You can save significantly on your food bills by shopping at the larder, getting more value for less money.

Choosing Your Food

Choice is important. The larders are set up like your regular local store, so you can select the items you want.

Membership Eligibility

Anyone can become a member, regardless of income or reasons for joining. Whether you're looking to save money, reduce food waste, or just want to be part of a community, you'll always be welcome at a community larder.

For more information, Click the following link. Community Larder - SOFEA





Newbury Community Larder

Greenham Community Centre


RG14 7SZ


1.00pm - 2.30pm

Waterside Community Larder

Waterside Centre,

Waldegrave Place,

Northbrook Street,


RG14 1DS


2.00pm - 4.00pm

Thatcham Community Larder

Frank Hutchings Community Hall

Bradley – Moore Square


RG18 4QH


1.30pm -5.30pm

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