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How Safe Do You Feel in West Berkshire?

The West Berkshire Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) partnership working group have launched a street safe survey to seek feedback from the community to identify vulnerable locations in public spaces in West Berkshire.

They say "It's important that we understand which public spaces in West Berkshire people feel are unsafe and why, e.g. what, if anything, makes you change your route or avoid going to specific places"

The group would like to hear your ideas and suggestions for how public spaces could be changed, e.g. clear sightlines, well maintained spaces, good lighting, and natural surveillance, to make those that use them feel safer.

Do you feel a part of the community and, if not, what would make you feel more involved?

The data will help the partnership to reduce identified vulnerabilities, making the locations a safer space for the public.

Take part in the survey by clicking the link below.

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