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What is self-neglect? And what should you do if you’re concerned about someone?

Wednesday 8th February 10.00am

Led by Suzy Braye, Emerita Professor Social Work, University of Sussex

Independent Adult Safeguarding Consultant.

We interact with people every day and we’re likely to notice things that worry us, for example, a person looking poorly or unkempt, they might have lost weight over the time we have known them, the housework may not have been done, or we might see something more serious. Is it self-neglect – and what should we do?

This free one-hour webinar will provide key, expert guidance for everybody regarding self-neglect.

The session will cover:

  • Definition of self-neglect and how to identify it

  • Why self-neglect is a form of abuse

  • What we can do to support those who self-neglect or whom we suspect self-neglect

  • Safeguarding and the local authority response across Berkshire West

  • Some brief case study examples

  • Time for Q+A

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