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Introducing the Little Journey App: Your Child's Companion for Great Western Hospital Visits

Children who will be staying at the Children's Ward at Great Western hospital, and their families can now download an app which can help prepare, inform and support them before, during and after any healthcare procedures, all before attending the hospital.

The Little Journey App is designed so families can familiarise themselves with areas like the Children's Ward, theatres and recovery areas via virtual tours. The app also has interactive games and relaxation and breathing animations to help calm any anxieties. App Icon Image

What makes this app special?

  1. Virtual Tours: Explore the Children’s Ward, theatres, and recovery areas virtually, allowing children to familiarize themselves with the environment before their visit.

  2. Parental Guidance: Receive clear instructions for parents on fasting requirements and details about surgical procedures, ensuring families are well-prepared every step of the way.

  3. Interactive Games: Engage children with interactive games designed to be played with one hand, perfect for distracting them during procedures like getting a canula fitted.

  4. Relaxation Tools: Access relaxation and breathing animations aimed at calming children before their operation, promoting a sense of ease and comfort.

The 'Little Journey' app is tailor-made for Great Western Hospitals, with a primary goal of reducing last-minute cancellations and unplanned admissions, while significantly enhancing the overall patient experience by alleviating anxiety.

Moreover, the app has been designed to cater to children with diverse needs, such as autism or ADHD, and is available in 16 different languages, ensuring inclusivity for all users.

Getting started with the 'Little Journey' app is easy. Children scheduled for surgery will find a QR code on their booking letter, leading them directly to the app. Additionally, you can download the app from any app store on your mobile device by searching for 'The Little Journey App' and selecting Great Western Hospitals.

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